Finding Presence

Getting started


Starting therapy can be a daunting experience; maybe at a point of crisis when making decisions is already difficult. Choosing the right therapist might feel like just one more challenge. As the relationship you develop with your therapist is a fundamental part of the healing process, I thought it might be helpful to start with a few ideas about how you can make that choice less challenging with some questions to help you decide if I might be the right therapist for you.

Things to consider:

  • Does the gender, age, ethnic origin or cultural understanding of your therapist matter to you?

  • Might it be important in relation to the issue you are currently struggling with?

  • Will the travel to this therapist be realistic in fitting with your other commitments?

  • Would you prefer Zoom, Skype or telephone therapy?

    • I will work on Zoom, but prefer to still meet clients face-face for some sessions. ​

  • What time of day would suit and is this therapist available at that time?

Once you meet your prospective therapist:

  • Do you feel safe enough to share honestly with this therapist?

  • Do you like them?

  • Do you think you will be able to work with them over time?

And although these are all important considerations, even once you have found someone to work with, the therapeutic contract is something that can continue to be reviewed. If you want more information on how to find a therapist, the UKCP has some guidance here.


If you would like to explore whether I might be the right therapist for you, please get in touch for a no-commitment initial consultation. I offer individual 1-1 psychotherapy on a weekly basis.

I am registered with AXA, WPA, Vitality and Aviva if you have health insurance which covers psychotherapy.


You can find out more about my work on these pages, or send me a message and I will respond within 2 working days.